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Hygienic and Chemically resistant radar level transmitter – cost saving feature

Posted on 03/07/15, under Radar · RSS · No Comments

VEGAPULS 63 is the TFM/PTFE flush encapsulated hygienic contactless radar level transmitter designed for food, chemical pharmaceutical industries, offering excellent chemical resistance, ‘cleanability’ and hygiene.

Some applications involve media that tend to diffuse strongly into other materials, e.g. chlorine or bromine and it is advantageous to be able to replace the 8 mm-thick disc if it is used for a longer period of time. This is sometimes a requirement as the signal strength can decrease; depending on the operating conditions, temperature and pressure, due to contamination of this dielectric material that the microwave radar signals are passing through.

A new modification in the antenna design, means it is now possible with flanged, to replace the cover discs of 8-mm PTFE and 4 and 8-mm PFA. This new, unique feature is a great advantage for end users because, in case of strong diffusion or applications with highly aggressive media, only the process separation component needs to be replaced. The user can replace the cover disc themselves, thus saving considerable costs.

Point level switches: What’s happening?

Posted on 08/12/14, under Application News, Capacitive, Vibration Measurement Liquid Switches, Vibration Measurement Solid Switches · RSS · No Comments

PLICLED V011 Point level switches: Whats happening? Here is a great idea for point level switches! On many process plants level switches are connected to an intermediate panel for operators on the process to see what is going on; is a vessel empty or full? is that pipe empty? is it okay to continue for the next step of the process?…. And so on. The operator needs to see a panel or screen with lights as the switch either has no status lights or they are too small to see from any distance. The new idea from VEGA is to make a level switch status light that you can see from almost any distance or angle, using bright LED lighting. It increases safety, reduces costs of cabling and panels and can improve productivity. Because it is part of the PLICS system, the modular structure of instrument range allows the introduction and retro fit of this novel idea on virtually every relay output 60 series point level switch in the range. Just search PLICSLED on your internet explorer or click this link:

Charitable donation from our Prize Draw Winner

Posted on 07/08/14, under Information, VEGA Events, VEGA Service, VEGA Staff and Customers · RSS · No Comments

Following our recent Customer Satisfaction Survey Prize Draw, Winner Peter Muirhead from Growhow UK Ltd very kindly donated £50 to Children in Need as his prize!

His donation will make a real difference to the lives of the most disadvantage children and young people in the UK. £50 can provide sensory equipment helping a disabled child to explore and understand the world around them!

VEGA are proud of their level and pressure instrumentation and what they can do, our most important product is your total customer experience, and to help us to improve it, we need your feedback and your honesty. If you have recently purchased or had a service from VEGA UK, please complete our Customer Satisfaction Survey on the following link which will take you no more than five minutes to answer.

Every entry received is entered into our bi-annual prize draw where the winner will have a choice of a Digital Radio, a MP3 player, £50 M&S Voucher or a Charitable Donation. We hope that you find it easy to complete, but if you do have any problems filling it in please do not hesitate to contact us. The next draw is on 12th December 2014.

Customer Satisfaction Survey –

CiN Image e1407401771275 Charitable donation from our Prize Draw Winner

VEGA Pressure transmitter visits friends at Glastonbury 2014

Posted on 08/07/14, under Application News · RSS · No Comments

Glasto 52 225x300 VEGA Pressure transmitter visits friends at Glastonbury 2014

VEGABAR 82 Ceramic Pressure Sensor pays friends a visit!

Over the years, VEGAWELL submersible pressure transmitters have been supplied to Worthy farm, were the festival is hosted. They are used for level measurement on the water tanks, which are part of the massive, medal deserving services that keep the festival-goers watered! The new VEGABAR 82 ceramic pressure transmitter paid a visit to Glastonbury to ‘catch up with old friends’ and no doubt enjoy the music atmosphere! We like the plics 10 year anniversary scarf too!!

Overcoming thermal shock effects in pressure measurement

Posted on 21/05/14, under Application News · RSS · No Comments

To overcome thermal shock on a flush mounting sensor there are two main ways, Physical: removing from source of heat, stopping or limiting the deformation, which VEGA already do with some success on their flush METEC metallic cells, by using dissimilar metals in their body and diaphragm materials to counter act each other. Or Thermal reaction: by reacting more quickly to temperature change and therefore speeding up compensation of the effect. However, the Ceramic measuring cells offer much more of a challenge, the ‘physical build’ cannot be compensated, so the only way is to try and directly measure the temperature more quickly, which means on the diaphragm, so it can be quickly detected and algorithms ‘kick in’ to compensate for it.

VEGA have developed, designed and patented a world first design for a front flush hygienic pressure transmitter VEGABAR 82 with fast thermal reactions. It uses a special design of temperature sensor, etched onto the rear of the diaphragm, this makes it far more responsive and accurate to the process temperature. This innovation means a flush mounting, high wear and chemically resistant pressure transmitter, ideal for food and pharmaceutical applications is virtually immune to temperature shock, increasing productivity and quality of measurement. For example, after CIP/SIP cleaning when a chilled product is re-introduced to the vessel. This increased accuracy to 2 degrees Kelvin means it can also be used as a primary (or back up) process temperature measurement too.

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